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Feminists Ruin Everything Episode 8: Womxn in Athletics Part 4: Shannon Miller Part 2

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In this episode of our Womxn in Athletics series, we check in with Shannon Miller in April, 2019, about a year after our previous conversation with her. Once again we covered a lot of rich feminist ground, from gender equality to current threats to Title IX and the stigma attached to female anger.

Miller also gave us an update on her court case against the University of Minnesota, Duluth; at the time of our conversation, a judge had increased the amount granted to her by a federal jury by an additional $460,000, bringing her total award to around $4.2 million. She and her fellow litigants, former UMD softball coach Jen Banford and former UMD women’s basketball coach Annette Wiles, had just had their claims rejected by a Minnesota District Court judge who said the statute of limitations had expired. At the time we recorded this podcast ,they were planning to appeal.

Since our conversation with Miller, a U.S. District Court Judge cut $2.25 million from her federal court award, while also granting her request for legal fees totaling nearly $2.5 million. Miller has until September 30, 2019 to decide whether to accept the reduced award or ask for a new trial to determine damages. Meanwhile, earlier in September Miller, Banford, and Wiles lost their appeal in state court.