Feminists Ruin Everything Episode 5: Womxn in Athletics Part 1-Kara Goucher


Hello, friends, we’re back with a new podcast after a little break spent ruining things out in the real world. This episode kicks off a new, three-part series on Womxn in Athletics intended to ruin outdated ideas about women in sports from the perspectives of an athlete, a scholar, and a coach.

There’s an iconic series of photos from the 1967 Boston Marathon showing race official Jock Semple chasing down runner Kathrine Switzer in an attempt to prevent her from completing the race, which didn’t officially sanction female participants until 1972. In the Olympics, the men’s marathon has been a fixture of the modern games since they began in 1896, while the women’s marathon wasn’t added until 1984.

Kara Goucher, our guest on this episode of Feminists Ruin Everything, is an elite runner who’s participated in both the Boston Marathon and the Olympics, following in the footsteps of female runners who confronted stereotypes that women lack qualities generally associated with men, like toughness, competitiveness, and stamina, to pursue their love of sport. In this conversation from June, 2018, we talk with the Duluth native about her running career, the different expectations for female and male athletes, her decision to speak up against doping in her sport, and her plans for the future.


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