FACiversary - the Feminist Action Collective's 1 Year Birthday Party


November 9, 2016 marked a historic moment in the United States and beyond. For many of us, it meant crushed dreams and abrupt whiplash as the brakes were slammed and the eight-year momentum of hope, change, and progress came to crashing halt with the election of a new regime that had already violated our bodies, our very existences, and would certainly violate our democracy as well. 

We gathered to mourn; we cried in shock and anger; and we grieved for the outcome that we hoped we might have passed down to future generations with pride. Yet in our tears and in our anger, we also found the desire—the necessity—to restart the momentum of hope and progress, to push forward, starting with our own communities. 

On November 9, 2016, the Feminist Action Collective was born. Over the past year, we have grown in number, and in strength. We have discovered a passion for activism and have committed our efforts to transforming our world in real and meaningful ways. As we approach our 1-year FACiversary, we are already planning ways to expand our membership and increase our scope, and with our community’s help, find sustainable ways to keep our momentum going. 

It all starts on November 9, 2017. The Feminist Action Collective is hosting a FACiversary Party to look back on and celebrate one year of incredible activism, community engagement, friendship, and prevailing triumph over grief. Last year, we cried and mourned. This year, we’re turning those tears in laughter and love as we resignify this date, put the grief behind us, and dance it out. Join us on Thursday, November 9, 2017 as we Turn the Beat Around.