About The Collective

Please consider joining us, we need your voice.  

FAC Mission:
The Feminist Action Collective is an activist group in support of feminist goals; demanding equality for all members of our community and working to dismantle the systems that discount our community’s shared and diverse humanity. We are a MN Non-Profit founded on November 9, 2016.

FAC Goals:

  • Defend and expand women’s* access to healthcare and reproductive rights
  • Support and advance women in all permutations of leadership 
  • Foster respectful and representative discourse across differences

We meet: Every other Wednesday 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the Building for Women.**

We have 3 flagship issues, with committees for each: 
Perception of Women** 
Diverse Not Divided**
HOTDISH Militia*** 

Here is a link to download to our google calendar:
Here is a link to view it & subscribe to it:

*We recognize that women have complex identities which include variations of gender identity, socio-economic status, race, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. Each of these identities matter politically and personally.
** The meetings are open to women and genderqueer individuals.
** People who identify as men are welcome at our public events.
** Childcare may be available at our FAC meetings by member volunteers.
*** HOTDISH Militia is open to all genders and gender non-conforming individuals.


Meet our FACilitation Team: