FAC Demands 50% by 2025

More than 50% of Minnesota is female. But we are not 50% of leadership.

Not in elected office, not in management positions, not on corporate boards, not in positions of leadership and authority. 

  • In fact, women are staggeringly underrepresented in city government. ONE IN FOUR city councils has no women and 72% of Minnesota’s city council members are men.
  • NONE of Minnesota’s 21 Fortune 500 companies are led by a woman, and women hold just 14.3% of most corporate board seats.
  • Almost 1/3 of the state’s three-seat legislative districts (two House and one Senate) include NO women and 2/3rds of those are in rural areas of the state.
  • More than HALF of Minnesota’s county commissions include NO women.
  • Only 16% of Minnesota’s mayors are women.
  • Since 2004, only 37% of Minnesota’s school board members have been women.
  • Representation has actually fallen from a historic high of 15% (1998) to the current 14%. It’s not getting better. We need it to get better. The reasons are innumerable and it’s ridiculous to recount them. Simply: If women are 50% of humans, women should be 50% of leaders.

We’re starting in Duluth. Right here, right now. We are committed to leading Minnesota into a new era of progress, one in which inequality has no place at the table, and women do- whether that table is in our state capitol, our corporate conference rooms, our council chambers, or our county commissions. We are committed to achieving representative leadership in a measurable way: 50% of our leaders will be women, by 2025.

50/2025. Listen to us. Hire us. Vote for us. Join us. Support us. 

Data from Women's Foundation of Minnesota


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SOURCE: Women’s Foundation of Minnesota